torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016

"have you tried yoga?" "have you tried pulling your head out of your ass?"

 Some random sketches, since I actually got around scanning my sketchbook. I have a few paintings in the works, also some graphics. 

 I wanted to draw Leo because I haven't drawn them in a long time. Almost forgotten how to draw the little bastards face.

A comic page right from the middle of a word vomit strip about depression & personal experiences dealing with mental health care professionals. It's somewhat ridiculously taxing to try to seek help with a long history of mental health issues because you often get new doctors/nurses and have to explain everything again. Sure, they can read your file, but that doesn't mean they'll get the info they need. Even then, the quality of the help you get depends so much on the person that you get as a worker.

Not everybody actually listens, they are people with their own biases and personalities. Sometimes it's a good things, sometimes it's terrible, sometimes downright agonizing. Not everybody is good at their job. Sometimes you just don't click with the person and you are discussing really personal matters, so it's not easy to get your point through when the other person has already decided what they think of you.

I'm not sure if I'll edit this comic to be published since it's pretty incoherent and angry. I was really frustrated when I drew it. I really try to be understanding because, yeah, that ain't an easy job and sometimes they just don't have resources or anything to offer.

But telling a person who comes for help to just "just stay positive :) :) :)" is not really helpful in most cases. It's fucking patronizing. You don't tell that to people whose house is on fire, do you ?

/end rant

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