sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

I am fire and nothing less

 It has been a bit quiet here for awhile. I have been terribly busy with multiple projects with deadlines at the same time, still am. Here are some pictures of the game we are making right now, it should be pretty much finished tomorrow.

Here is to hoping !
Some character conversation portraits
 Screencaps of textured canvases
 Highpoly sculpts of some characters
 A view of the motel for the start animation. I really wish I had more time for these, had to basically throw them together since most of the time I had for this had to be spent on other projects and trying to relax.
 A photo I took while picking out some outfit pieces for the movie I am costuming. You can go watch some super cool previews and other news about it here.  Go like and show some love ! The project team is full of amazing, talented people.

Ending this post on a old selfie I found from my camera. Ain't been photographing too much, I am looking forward to March when I have (hopefully) graduated and can take time for photographing too.

Till next time lovelies !

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