maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2014

the magician of loss

Hellohello, resident pony here. I've been photographing and doing schoolwork almost non-stop. I also feel the autumn making a nest in my abdomen, the need for solitude and silence growing. I am starting to hibernate and alienating myself from people. Autumn is for being a hermit and enjoying it.

I dream about being magic almost every night now. The nightmares don't cease, but the magic gives me something to fight back with. Level of epicness is increasing.

School work. We are in the last miles of making our first 3D-game and mostly I've been working on putting everything together. I think I've learnt the most doing this, because I notice all the mistakes I've made in the start of the project. That was depressing at first, but I also feel my understanding of the software growing in surges. Some day I'll know what I am actually doing haha.

It's a journey !

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