perjantai 20. kesäkuuta 2014

I made peace with my skeleton

 Hello fellow earthlings ! I came back from Lapland yesterday and am now filled with the warm fuzziness of being in my city again. I had a really lovely time in Lapland actually, kept busy, played videogames, saw some old friends and drew. I have a lot to scan.

It was oddly relaxing to have no resposibilities. I kind of excused myself out of everything I couldawouldashouldave been doing.

Possibly this rambling is escalating into uninteresting rambling, so here are some photos I took while I was actually photographing textures. I'm pretty sure you do not wish to see hundreds of images of shrubbery ?

Thought not, here are some anyway. Have a lovely Midsummer darlings ! Mwah !

sidenote; when I was much younger we used to drink under that bridge. We were classy kids.

 Random sidenote photos:
 I brought home....a lot of wires.
 Marabou, you have some explaining to do if this tastes different/better than domino-chocolate.
A bike big enough for my ego

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