torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

needling of the nerves

Walk around in a tattered dressing gown
your arms a cross stitch work
without a comprehensible pattern
to convey the purpose of the scars
but it is a tale nonetheless
whetever you choose to tell it
or leave it untold like a secret
something tucked away inside
a box of black, linen in white
tight lipped, steel woven

Even the wisest of men
are often prone
to misinterpretations
and mysteries are easily
left to fend for themselves
when they refuse to be
two piece puzzles presented
with instructions in tow

So do not act surprised
when your lover connects the dots
carved on the canvas
of your skin
all wrong
don't be disheartened
for she does it with kisses
and colors the damage softer
with adoration

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