lauantai 27. huhtikuuta 2013

howling lullaby for the restless

Ghosting around with purpose
softly pawing on the balls of your feet
quiet stuttering heartbeat
even a breath is roaring thunder
in the hush of world cocooned in slumber

Sleep is for lovers, oblivion entwined
for those with arteries to be shared
dreaming of singing dragonflies
crystalline wings sighing
murmur of pillowtalk
sweet nothings curling, lightening the dark
soothing skin that knows
not to shirk from touch
but to lean in - trusting
the hand won't send you scrambling
for apologies, rejection

Can there be
such a beautiful heart
wanting for nothing
nothing for wanting ?

The monster in my bed has me tied
frozen as a moment under flashlight
skittering steps on rippling ice
always half past running without a fight
silence is alone and silence is safe
quiet is the armor that won't shake
falling to pieces on hands so careless
given a toy too fragile for one so thoughtless

Sleep is for lovers
but moonlight kisses my hair
stars tickle roses to my cheeks
wind quietens in the trees
and makes a nest in my head
so I'll not be alone

The Night is for me
and my kind demons to share

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