lauantai 20. huhtikuuta 2013

blank page syndrome

Too many breaths to be exhaled
like connecting stars trying to make out the
pattern woven in the universe, in us

it is too much

Who are you ?

Silence. Inexistent. Kindness in all the places it goes unrequited.
Misunderstood. Truth is not wanted
where we paint our lips red with something that is not blood
and darken our skin so no one will know we are afraid of the sun
whiten our teeth so nobody needs to say We are Predators out loud.

What is not said cannot be proven
and what is said is called lying

I am someone who became no one
during the lapse of caring
and was coerced out of wanting
when wisdom turned into ignorance

The jury is a flock of vultures
bestial laughter, clapping for the dying
More ! More ! More!
Sing for us baby bird, amuse us
for our sense of humor was blackened with every new year
and we've been locked up in here
before even an idea of You came to be

The Judge is not on your side

I'm not sure how to spell out Reality anymore
only fragments, sequences
tiny components
specks of dust gathering on the countertops
skin stretching, turning into a storm
black blue black black white
the world turning on rusted gears
idle talk with a purpose, covering bruises
smoothing out the ragged seams
I can see
lines drawn in quiet stillness
the time between oblivion and dull trickling of the stream of a consciouness
burning itself out with weary old larks
entertaining spectres
with nothing but a promise of a spark

We are so careless
and ablaze with things we do not understand

It is an anchor I lack
a tether to bind me 
tie me to this place
for seekers to find me
to cease my roaming feet
escaping, absent heart
cheap for the lack of sentiment
inconvinient for the heavy chargeof not belonging to anything or anyone

Leave me plunging into the deeps
to surface or stay afloat
a sentiment to keep for
those with eyes that see
what is
and not what they
wish for it to be

There is a head too many in this flock of sheep

Which one is it ?

I think we all agree.

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