keskiviikko 20. helmikuuta 2013

summertime, you are

I drew this in the fall trying to depict a dream I had about a discohippie/otherwise inclined gathering (Kesäsiirtola)  that we had been to in the brink of autumn. In the dream everything was pastel coloured and musical, air tingling like fairies laughing and all existence breathing in perfect harmony. I didn't use a reference when drawing the faces of my friends, the respective memebers of the Rubixcube cult, but we were sitting under a roof of trees and everything was so beautiful and happy that I felt like crying. From left to right there is Sirius, Spaceboy, Pääskytyttö and Puzzle. I didn't use a reference for their faces because it felt kind of strange when drawing a dream into reality.

You can't see it, but behind the trees there is an ocean that shines like diamonds in the sunlight. I can still see this so clearly in my head that it's like a memory.

Maybe it is. 

Time is after all, quite relative and if it has not happened in the days gone by in this world we see and mostly live in, it doesn't make it any less fond a memory.

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