keskiviikko 20. helmikuuta 2013

a fragment of summer


We had a little hometown vacation with Pääskytyttö (previously I wrote her name as Swallowgirl but after we discussed this with her we came to the conclusion that the finnish, original name sounds much better) and had morning coffee in the Wintergarden. The place is like out of a fairytale when it's cold and bleak outside.
 The sun showed his face for the first time in what felt like forever that day and I just had the strangest feeling that everything is going to be allright. It will never be perfect, there is still (and most likely will always be) so many things that are misted with chaos and shadows, but I think the dark is turning to blue. It's not daylight, but I've always rather fancied blue, even the less shades of it.
I think I've finally found out of the cold deeps into the more kinder currents. The sea awes and scares me an equal amount, but it's more beautiful everyday.

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