sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013

a calm storm of sorts

Colored and finished old sketch that I did in December. Crocodile tears for all the things less tragic and melodramatically mourned.

 A dragon on an age of technology.

 I painted this while watching Carnivale with Puzzle and Swallowgirl and realized I was painting my old character Fai when it was almost finished. She used to travel with a "funfair"ish circus caravan too. I am so easily influenced it seems.

"The stork was very wise
even though it rarely spoke
for it had little to say
to humans who thought it spent
its time time delivering
their offspring
as if it hadn't better things to do"

I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing I've let myself run pretty much free an make up ideas as I go. I wrote and painted this straight to the paper not giving much thought beforehand as to where the poem and picture were going. It would seem to have survived the road at least in coherence.

 A heart split between desires, some darker, some shades of grey.

 There might just be a story or a few to this picture. Or a dozen if it will hold my attention for awhile.

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