keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2013

she wandered through gardens of dust

 A Christmas present from Swallowgirl that I almost did according to instructions (after three stickers I just basically  said fuck the police and messed up the order of colors and glitter), a random dry pastel dragon, scribbles from the new notebook and the said notebook. It says "the Mermaid who told stories so she would not be lost" on the cover

I have a thousand sketched out comics to finish. I have too many stories, overlapping in my head. I wish I could just move them all to a hardrive, pick one and focus on that and then take on the next. That would be too easy now wouldn't it ? My mind-castle is way too vast and too many rooms to dust for me to do anything but hack and cough the dust(plot?) bunnies to paper.

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