torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

a child in a tutu is still a child

Sorry for the lazy quality but I've been seeing this meme going around for a long time and have been meaning to do it. This time when I saw it in Annikas blog I decided it was time to stop defying meme gods. So here you go, me as Shepard. The armor should actually be black but oh blessed laziness. Also doesn't look like me, but close enough.

I haven't been drawing almost at all because I just feel like there is no point. I'm not giving up on art or something like that, it would be easier to remove my lungs than that, but I'm too tired for anything more than trying.

On the brighter side as you might  have noticed, dear readers, I've been writing. I have so many stories in my hand I need to write out.

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