lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

the ivy

I sleep in gasps and deep breaths
untangible spaces of time
feverish shadows scattered
under my pillow, in hiding
now they keep me company
as I dream of slaughter
ivy covered islands
sons and virgin daughters
leaving footprints on the sand
as they play
the most sinister game
of catch me if you can
red smears on their faces
and crazed grins
full of crooked baby teeth

A man they left for dead
on this island for years
madness eating at his head
gnawed his hand off to escape
from his prison
from his appointed grave
left a trail of crimson in his wake
approaching the children
with one last gurgling breath
before their leader took a blade
clean through his neck
tried to warn the children
to burn the ivy
that grew red as life
throughout the island
for it was the devils hand
that tended to that plant
and no innocent could
survive it's touch unscathced

Do the children listen?
That I do not know for sure
but I have my doubts
for they were selfish and
oozing sure arrogance
as only teenagers can be

My dream ended at the death
of the lonely man and I woke
my arms sore
not feeling my fingers


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