tiistai 11. toukokuuta 2010

If it's wrong, then I never want to be right

And now he finally understood what it all was about. Why Leonardo didn’t think the secrecy was needed to be so tight. The petit man, with oh so irrestible blonde curls had seen the two of them as others did. He had seen the love they shared, and understood that it was a force of nature, taking over anyone and everyone on it’s way. Who in their right mind could deny them, seeing the love, the actual and real thing? Law would, but… Did it actually matter, when living a lie and separation hurt enough to drive one mad ? Was the world they created together not worth the sacrifice of the world that everybody had access to?

Yes, it was. It is.

I run after him without a second thought and on top of my lungs I shout his name. Please turn around and look at me, tell me you still love me. And even more importantly; see the love I have for you. See you don't deserve this, stop believing you do.

You turn around slightly, surprised by the need and fragility in my voice. Collecting yourself you smile serenely through your tears. It’s too late. We both know it.

I’ll never see you again.

And what hurts me the most is that I can hear what you are thinking as you turn your head away and turn your glistening eyes to the setting sun. I can hear your words from so many days ago, before so many stolen moments and kisses;

"Please hate me, for I can't save you from myself if you stay"

Now you have succeeded. And the worst part is that you had started to believe, that maybe it was you who needed to be saved from yourself. And now all you can do is starting to believe you were right before again.

If this is justice, then to hell with it.


Teen animaatiota tästä tekstistä. En tiedä onko loppu sama. Toivottavasti saan vedettyä itsestäni ulos kauniimman ratkaisun.

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